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To: Ambitiously Lazy Forward Thinkers 
From: Bones Rodriguez, Actor, Author, Entrepreneur

Really quick- listen fast, let me tell you straight:


So when I hear about a new "Bitcoin opportunity",
I go running the other way.

Yes, I know- "Bitcoin is the future", and now it's a Presidential issue, so it'll probably go up in value and blah blah blah.

I already told you:


I'm not a gambler.

Robert Kiyosaki taught me that "buying and holding" should be called "buying and hoping" because most people buy something ad "hope" it will go up in value.

I don't believe in buy low and hope it goes high,
so I'm not getting bitcoin and hoping that I get rich.

Because that's gambling.


I like playing with

Playing with HOUSE MONEY is different.

Sometimes in a casino, they'll give you "Bonus" money to play with.

And if you're like me-

You'll take all the bonus money you can get, and that's not gambling at all.



I found a way to get

There's an old saying that I really like and I say a lot:

Sometimes you just need to know whatever it is that you don't know so you can get what you want. Well, once I learned how to get this "Bonus Money", I went to work.

And I'm very happily getting as much as I can.

I made a website that acts like a machine that spits out this Bonus Money in Bitcoin.

I was doing it for myself, but then I figured out a way to let other people do it too, and you can even sell my machine too, and earn even more bonus bitcoin.

That's when I realized that more people want to know how, so I put everything I learned into a quick and simple course so anyone can follow along.

I Wanted To Help More People,
So I "Systematized It" So Even An Internet Dummy Could Do It Too:


You're about to get the knowledge, and all you have to do is apply it.


This is not MLM, not get rich quick, not friends and family
or home parties or where you have to "get people".

This is a course and system that works like a vending machine.

People walk by, and most people do nothing, but the right people will walk by it and choose to buy something now.

And you'll get bonus bitcoin.

The right people are people who have read a little Robert Kiyosaki,
maybe they have some bitcoin already, or an online business.


Your struggling broke cousin who thinks everything is a scam
is NOT the right person;
if you are that cousin, close this now.

Last year I made something called the Cash App System and that really took off- it went Viral online, and this is the next version.

The Bitcoin Bonus Machine is a way for you to get paid to collect free bonus bitcoin.

When you buy this course and system now, you'll be in a position to invest in your future and use that money for whatever you want.

I don't mean by the ups and downs of bitcoin- I already told you:


I'm not a gambler.

So- If YES, you're feeling excited right now, and what I said is making sense to you, 
and you have the money and don't need to know everything first, then click below to get your copy of this Bitcoin Bonus Machine.

By now, you've heard the story, you know it's legit, and you have the money- because if you don't, then this is NOT FOR YOU.

Once you click below and buy the course and system, you'll get instant access, and you'll be able to set up your machine and let it make money for you and get bonus bitcoin along the way.

That's not a guarantee of income, and there is work involved, just like if you have a vending machine there is work involved.

I already told you this isn't get rich quick or magic riches.


So if having to do work frightens you, or you think you have to "get people" 
and you're desperate for money then this is NOT for you.


Go gamble at a casino, or "buy and hope" some Bitcoin
with left over money from your job.

However, if you've said to yourself "All I need is an honest chance..." this could be your way to be ready for the future of money.

When you get the Bitcoin Bonus Machine now, you'll have access to Bonus Money, Bonus Bitcoin, and our facebook group to help you, as well as access to me.


What else could you want?
What about if I also gave you


I told you- I'm not a gambler,  but I LOVE the feeling of playing with HOUSE MONEY.

After 1 sale of the course, you'll be in profit and everything from then is like playing with house money!

You get all the rewards, and none of the risks.

If you feel the same way then by now this quick video made sense to you.
You will absolutely click below and get started right now.

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That's why they are reselling it!

When you get this eCourse now, you'll finally understand how to have a cash-generating mobile money business and you can learn to generate income on demand!

Go for it right now the price has already gone up once, and I may just take this off the market if bitcoin becomes too controversial or illegal (until the regulators get a lot of it that is), or if the group gets too big.

I know this not only sounds too good to be true, but it sounds like a scam, and a BS marketing trick, so you can see my personal wall where people are genuinely glad they bought it:

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What's The Catch?
There's always a catch, so here it is:
You are about to get information that literally took me hundreds of trial and error techniques to learn. Some people thought I was crazy, and others thought I was scamming them.
But I had the courage to TAKE ACTION on it anyway.
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